Do I need workers lawyers, or can I do everything myself?

Consulting a lawyer - Workers lawyersIf you have suffered a work injury, you could be entitled to compensation, even if you are responsible for the injury. This should be a straightforward thing. Yet it is often not the case. There are only a handful of cases when you can navigate through the complex legal system without experienced workers lawyers to guide you. The Law Offices of Thomas M. DeBenedetto offer free consultation, where you can talk to a seasoned lawyer who can tell you how complex your case is and whether you can go in alone.

Listed below are some situations, and the possible scenario. This is not legal advice, just speculation based on previous experiences. To get actual legal opinion from actual workers lawyers, call today.

You could go alone if…

Some situations are fairly straightforward and require no maneuvering through the legal matters. Such are the cases when your injury was minor, such as a small cut (up to a few stitches), or a sprained ankle. Injuries such as these often require no or very little time off from work, so your employer should not protest. If your employer does not contest your claim that the injury occurred at work, your case is just a formality and you should be fine without a lawyer. If you are complaining about an illness, rather than an injury, it helps if you can prove that you didn’t have a pre-existing condition, but that your illness was caused by the workplace.

Even if you believe that your case is clear-cut, contact workers lawyers for a free consult, because they can help you organize yourself better, and take everything into account. Ultimately, they will tell you if you need their help or you are fine on your own.

Bring backup if…

If your case begins to get complicated. Chances are that you are not particularly well versed in the workers compensation laws and legal practices. Most things are best left to the professionals. This is one of those situations. Here are just a few of many things that can complicate your claim.

Your employer has rejected you. Some employers take advantage of the lack of information workers have. Over 80% of workers whose request for compensation has been rejected do not pursue the matter any further. If you contact workers lawyers, they will tell you that you need to appeal to the court.

Similarly, if the employer’s offer does not cover all your medical expenses, or wages you have lost due to the injury, find a workers lawyer and appeal. Just make sure you remain in the bounds of decency. Listen to your workers compensation lawyer; they will give you the best estimate of what you can expect.

Your injury may be so severe that you cannot return to your old job, or even worse, any job at all. This is called permanent disability, and if this is what you are experiencing, workers lawyers can help you achieve your rights. This may include a lifetime of weekly wages, or a single large sum of money. However, since the insurance companies need to pay large sums of money, they will stop at nothing to prove that your condition is not as serious as you claim. That is where your workers lawyer can help you and protect you from these kinds of attacks.

The Law Offices of Thomas M. DeBenedetto have invaluable experience in various aspects of workers’ compensation law, and can help you reach your goal, which is a fair compensation for an injury sustained in your workplace. Contact today to learn more or get a free consultation.


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