Top Five Most Common Work-Related Injuries

Repetitive Strain - Work Compensation LawyerIf you have sustained an injury at work, you are entitled to some sort of compensation. The employer is obligated to ensure that you have a safe and secure environment. Still, work-related injuries are increasingly common. According to the insurance companies, there are some injuries which are more common than others. This is a list of the most frequent ways workers of America have injured themselves in the line of duty.

5. Repetitive motion injuries

This is a group of injuries that includes any activity performed so many times during the work day that it creates adverse effects on the human body. Even though the damage is not visible immediately, the cumulative effect of the motions can cause serious and even permanent damage to your body. This kind of injury affects office workers, who often spend entire working days typing, looking at the computer screen and sitting. All of these things cause muscle and tendon strain or the carpal tunnel syndrome. The most obvious way an employer can prevent these injuries is to provide ergonomic office furniture or any physical activity during the work day.

4. Machine-related injuries

This type of injury most commonly affects those working in factories and storage areas. People operating heavy machinery can get their clothes, hair or even fingers entangled in the machinery. This can cause a range of injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises, to severed digits or limbs. It is paramount to keep vigilant when operating such dangerous and powerful machinery.

3. Falling object injuries

This is another type of injury which affects mostly physical workers, although it is not unheard of in office environments either. The falling object might be dropped by another worker, or it may be knocked off the shelf by accident, or it might be a part of production process. Regardless of the particulars of the situation, wearing protective clothing where instructed goes a long way in preventing this type of accidents.

2. Falling injuries

Falling from heights, tripping or slipping account for a huge number of injuries in the workplace. It may be due to the nature of the workplace, where the environment is conductive to such accidents (such as a construction yard, or a freezer), or it may be caused by something else (such as carelessness). In any case, the injuries range from minor bruises to serious injuries requiring hospitalization.

1. Overexertion injuries

The number one injury, both in the number of claims and in the total expenses for years now. It includes any injury which is caused by physical strain at work, such as from carrying, pushing, pulling or throwing things in work-related tasks. Those injuries occur in physical workers primarily, but due to the broadness of the category, they also include office workers and others.

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