Get Your Medical Treatment Approved with the Help of Workman’s Compensation Lawyers

Cost of Medical Treatment - Workmans Compensation LawyersThe most common incentive for workers who suffer an injury to seek workman’s compensation lawyers in San Diego is because the insurance company behind their employer refuses to compensate for the medical treatments recommended by the physician. Most workers relinquish their rights too soon and use their own health insurance policies, so the company never pays what is due.

This primarily happens because the injured workers do not have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to represent them. Insurance companies are likely to do anything to exploit any loophole and discourage workers from seeking due compensation. So if you ever find yourself in such a situation, bear in mind these tips:

Mention That You’ve Suffered a Work-Related Accident

The moment you arrive in the emergency room, private clinic or the doctor’s office, make sure you mention that you’ve suffered an injury at work and that the primary insurance you will be using is the workers’ compensation one. Call the HR office in your company to find out which insurance provider your company has hired. In case you cannot contact your employer due to the severity of your injury, make sure to let the medical staff know the name of the company you are working for. That way they will be able to find out what agency provides insurance for your company.

Make Sure Your Insurance Will Be Accepted

Ask the clinic whether they accept workers’ compensation insurance first. If the clinic or the physician you want to be treated by does not accept work-related accident insurance, you will have to find someone else who does.

Appealing a Denied Case

If your treatment is denied by the company’s insurance provider, ask the medical institution you were treated in to file an appeal in four weeks. The medical provider offices do this routinely and with all treatments, so they should be well-versed in the process.

If Your Appeal Is Denied

In the case of your appeal being rejected, immediately contact a trusted workman’s compensation lawyer, so that they can file a claim so you can receive medical benefits. If the case is won, the insurance agency behind your company will pay for the attorney’s fees.

Getting Billed Through Health Insurance

If you have a health insurance, the medical expenses can be billed via this policy if your request for workers’ compensation has failed. Most health insurance providers do not compensate for work related injuries, but if the insurance agency behind your company denied your claim, health insurance may still compensate and place a lien on your claim.

Seek Professional Help

The top priority after you’ve suffered a workplace injury is to obtain the necessary medical attention without delays due to the insurance company denying your worker’s compensation. This will ensure that you can go back to work as soon as your injuries have healed and been taken care of. If this is your first time dealing with this process, you may find it stressful. This is why it’s important to hire a trusted and experienced workplace injury attorney. Contact the friendly agents at The Law Offices of Thomas DeBenedetto for any questions regarding your workers’ compensation case, with no further obligations.

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