Preventing Stress-Related Injuries: What Employers Can Do to Help in Chula Vista Work Compensation Cases

In the cases of work-related injuries, the proverb ”Better safe than sorry” should be exercised a great deal more often than it is now. Preventing stress-related injuries in the workplace could be beneficial not only to the employees but also to employers, since litigations following a work comp claim are strenuous for both parties. What is more, creating a stress-free working environment leads to enhanced productivity and the improvement of a company’s overall image.

In order to help prevent stress-related injuries and subsequent work compensation claims, the employers are advised to do whatever is in their power to aid their employees in times of changes in the organization or any other situation where employees might find it hard to cope. State of California Department of Industrial Relations offers plenty of information for employers to educate themselves on their responsibilities. There are several techniques and methods the management can employ to provide support their employees need, some of which will be mentioned here.

Giving positive feedback

The need for having our work evaluated is understandable, because it gives us a sense of progress. If there is no feedback, many people feel they are wandering in the dark, not knowing if they are doing what is expected of them. This situation can cause a considerable amount of pressure and stress and, in the long run – a burnout.

That is why having friendly supervisors is necessary, because they could evaluate each employee’s work individually and point out the positive aspects. Outstanding performance could be rewarded, to let the employees know their work is appreciated by their superiors. More importantly, if evaluation is conducted only to highlight the employees’ mistakes, they will in turn fear any future supervision, regardless of how constructive it may be.

Setting realistic goals and expectations

It is the responsibility of every well-functioning management to assess the qualifications and abilities of their employees and assign tasks accordingly. By doing so, each employee is able to contribute to their company’s work and therefore represents a valuable asset.

Once an employee is taken on, their superiors should clearly state what their responsibilities are and what is expected of them. If an employee is required to learn how to operate new machinery or software, they should be assigned a mentor to guide them. Moreover, if the amount of work that needs to be done is overwhelming for one person to handle, it should be distributed within a team. In this way, the employees are not overworked, and the company can achieve better results.

Providing stress-management training

However successful an HR department may be in handling workforce issues, there are still employees who are unable to cope with everyday stress. Even though some are more adaptable than others, all employees should be provided with stress-management training, either for their own direct benefit, or in order to learn how they can help others. In that way, the management can show their employees that they care about their well-being and build a strong relationship based on trust.

Referring employees to assistance programs

Some employees may find it difficult to balance on-the-job demands with their personal lives, which can affect their performance. Since problems they have may not be work-related, they are reluctant to ask for help. In that case, confidential individual sessions could be conducted, where employees could be referred to a family counselor, Employee Assistance Programs or self-help support groups. Reaching out to employees and addressing their problems discreetly can greatly reduce the level of stress and anxiety and prevent stress-related injuries.

Employer accountability in Chula Vista work compensation claims

If a company is introducing changes in workload and supervision or any other changes in the organization, the employees should be properly prepared to adapt to the new circumstances. Otherwise, many will be unable to cope, which can result in emotional distress and anxiety disorders. It is important to know what responsibilities employers have toward their employees and how that can influence work compensation claims. For legal advice from an experienced work comp attorney, contact the Law Offices of Thomas M. DeBenedetto, a family law firm dedicated to workers.