Knee injuries and workers’ compensation

Your knees are probably the most important and most stressed joints in your body. When you think about it, if you try to lift something heavy, it is always the knees that have to bend and take the majority of the stress. It is no wonder, then, that knee injuries are very common in work […]

Cumulative vs. acute injuries

When you think about workplace injuries, you most likely imagine a fall, or a hit kind of injury. These kinds of injuries are called ‘acute injuries’, as they happen acutely, or at once. However, there is another type of injuries as well; injuries which are generated over a longer period of time. There is some […]

What are third party negligence lawsuits?

There is a number of people who are unwilling to file for work compensation in case of an injury because they believe it may negatively reflect on their work environment and especially on their relationship with their boss. Hiring a worker comp lawyer usually clarifies what the best course of action is. In fact, The […]

Does ‘Ryancare’ affect worker compensation?

This, as of yet unpassed, replacement for ‘Obamacare’ has a lot of opponents and its future is still uncertain. With proposed cuts to many aspects of healthcare, it is important for work compensation lawyers and people who want to file for work compensation to learn what this new proposed law entails and how it will […]

What is ‘uberization’ and how does it affect worker compensation?

Thanks to the technological boom in the age we live in, we are able to get amazing things, more so than any previous generation. However, new technologies are changing the workplace landscape much faster than most of us are able to adapt. The term ‘uberization’ is used to describe this new economic model, where full-time […]

Are Psychological Conditions Included in the Work Comp?

The short answer is yes. The long answer requires us to elaborate the specific situations when it is possible to file a claim for a non-physical damages, and finally why work comp attorneys are extra careful when taking on cases with a psychological component. General conditions for workers’ compensation Normally, the compensation is awarded to […]

Do I need workers lawyers, or can I do everything myself?

If you have suffered a work injury, you could be entitled to compensation, even if you are responsible for the injury. This should be a straightforward thing. Yet it is often not the case. There are only a handful of cases when you can navigate through the complex legal system without experienced workers lawyers to […]

Top Five Most Common Work-Related Injuries

If you have sustained an injury at work, you are entitled to some sort of compensation. The employer is obligated to ensure that you have a safe and secure environment. Still, work-related injuries are increasingly common. According to the insurance companies, there are some injuries which are more common than others. This is a list […]

How to Avoid Injuries at the Workplace

Some injuries are just unavoidable. They come as a result of a conspiracy of unfortunate events which could not have been predicted. However, more often than not, there are steps which could have been taken in order to prevent workplace accidents. This text is a friendly reminder of some safety precautions which might prevent at […]

Get Your Medical Treatment Approved with the Help of Workman’s Compensation Lawyers

The most common incentive for workers who suffer an injury to seek workman’s compensation lawyers in San Diego is because the insurance company behind their employer refuses to compensate for the medical treatments recommended by the physician. Most workers relinquish their rights too soon and use their own health insurance policies, so the company never […]